Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What is the other adverse factor affecting trading performance (and life in general)?

EMOTIONS -- for sure!
For example I had problems with my girlfriend, didn't go to training and felt sorry about that - well, too many things one can think of...

The idea however is not to categorize those emotions but to get rid of them. Successful and most importantly SUSTAINABLE trading will only be possible if one achieves to be DETACHED from emotions.

Because emotions stir the mind and this leads to WRONG trading DECISIONS or to UNABILITY TO ACT when in a losing position!

REMEMBER: Even if my trading analysis is wrong - I would have better chances for success if I act upon a set of reasonable Money Management rules which are in accordance with the Equity size. Then if you are right but you OVERLEVERAGE due to emotions (greed is one I can think of..) then the first wrong decision will wipe you out!!!

=> Trading is Business. Business never personal.

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