Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AUD/USD Trendline Break

This is AUD/USD 4-hour chart and I am short at 0.6805 on assumption that liquidation setup here is similar to EUR/USD.

Risk Aversion is creeping back with S&P futures down more than 3% and the lows supported by the 20-day MA..

Anyway I look for a pullback to 61.8% fibonacci retracement level around 0.6600.

Monday, March 30, 2009

EUR/USD Rotation around 100 day MA

My humble observations tell me that wjen we have a flat long term MA like the 100 MA the price rotates the same length on the other side.

So from the high above 1.37 to the 100MA /1.31/ is appproximately 600 pips. Thus a break below gives a target around 1.25 for the EUR/USD based on the daily chart.

Shanghai Composite Near Resistance - Weekly Chart

Weekly chart is showing the Bear Market rally in Chinese stock market is in good progress.

This last surge looks like a channel but I will assume it's an expanding Triangle which will top out around 2600 where it meets the 55-week MA and a trendline Resistance that connects 2 historic lows. 

The global markets in my view are running out of steam but here the RSI /which Wilder said is best on Weekly to Daily time frames/ is oscillating around mid levels and many would be lured to say it is quite bullish. 

Yes indeed - the trend in the expanding triangle has still some space to move to the upside, however I would be cautious or at least would protect any gains when the 2600 levels are reached.

S&P 500 Monthly Chart

Here is a Monthly Chart of S&P. I know it's a long shot or a wild card guess but to me the target looks realistic given the scope of the credit problems in the global financial system.

Now that the Fed went all in with its latest PPIP program markets got some fresh air and the exhilaration spread from New York to Tokyo and even a little bit to the Emerging Markets.

However as reality starts to bite again the Daily S&P chart shows a trandline break and the Bear market course seems to be on again.

Anyway this Montly chart is here just as to remind me how things looked like as of today so that I can get back and review my understanding in a point in future when this all will be put in he hindsight perspective.

S&P500 Trendline support broken

Just when everyone was happy the major US indices made up for the losses from the year start the break happened.

I few dyas before on CNBC I learned about several reports from the exchanges that collected data on the short interest -- the fact was that those companies with the biggest short interest like C, GM and so on were actually those that fueled that rally.

So it's not that hard to understand that the quick surge on the S&P was mostly due to short covering. Now that the March and Q1 is near end and those shorts are covered I assume things are going back to normal >> that is going short for a challenge of the recent bottom.

Friday, March 27, 2009

EURUSD Bullish Flag

Here is another idea from the 4-hour charts.
Yesterday was a choppy, tight range day -- a day I would just skip in any other chance I have to fathom it before the fact.
This Bullish Flag implies continuation of the previous trend IF broken on the upside...
Seems to me that I still miss some parts to my charting and analysis - since I become too confident once I find a good tradeable pattern but then market challenges my opinion.
Certainly there is a point in the old adage: 
"Lose your opinion in the market, not your money."

EURUSD Tringle & Unorthodox Bullish flag

........................ Hourly chart.
Weekly trendline Support -- I just experimented with geometrical symmetry fo find a pattern that looks tradeable.
This strange idea of a Bullish Flag /which is a continuation pattern/ is however spoiled by the spike in middle but I decided to observe if this pattern might produce a continuation as the classic one.

............4-hour chart.
weeklt Resistance Trendline has turned Support now..
The Symmetrical Triangle consolidation is trapped in the middle of the Horisontal Range Channel.. Possible target of an Upside break are 1.3650-80 area

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Consolidation Range Whipsaws & Rotation

After reading Frank Dilernia's concept of Range Bar and Rotation of price the picture of price vibration along the Support & Resistance levels gets more clear.

Here is a Reminder I'd like to leave for future notice as in choppy, rangebound markets this patterns are always the same.

Any consolidation needs a break to end the range trading and to free the price to move in a certain direction -- while the Support and Resistance levels are visible on the chart, the tricky part is actually the EXIT out of the consolidation.

The chart shows the obvious points where there is a fake breakout, followed by a ROTATION to the Opposite side of the range and most probably continuation of the breakout of the opposite range border..

USDJPY testing the trendline Resistance at 98.40/50

  My first assumption from the start of the week was Selling the USDJPY ahead of the Trendline Resistance.

However the Hourly charts didn't tip that strategy so I covered.

Right now we see a test to break through the 98.40-50 level. I confirmed break has an easily defined Target at the 200-day MA at 99.50.

The 21-day MA is providing an immediate Support -- while the Rising 55-day MA is showing the trend ddirection clearly.

PATIENCE - Key to successful trading

As they say: "Rome was not built in a day".

Patience might be viewed from multitude of points. However in trading it translates into several most important points to be respected in order to build a sustainable trading performance.

1. Staying Power -- as Jay told me many times it's all about managing your position SIZE so you have the staying power to let your idea/scenario play out into the market.

I noticed that my performance tends to be tightly correlated to the Position Size I operate with.

As a self-educated trader my goal is to become a professional while following an approach based on a sound frame of rules for developing trading ideas and for managing my risk exposure to the level that I would preserve my capital while taking advantage of the high probability setups as they present themselves in the market.

The Key to sustainable success is Patience.
- Patience to wait for the setup.
- Patience to start small and test the market first, then add on confirmation.
- Patience to use Stops in a comfortable level where a random whisaw or spike will not affect my idea.
- Patience when I am very profitable.

>>> I'd like to leave a mark here of this phenomenon I observe as a psychological profile:
I tend to become overconfident once I pull out of the market a nice profit. Next day I always feel unsatisfied with little profit and want to achieve a better result. That makes me enter with larger position and once in the trade I become more vulnerable from psychological standpoint.
I like to describe this role as a Victim of its own Success. I tend to dislike and I'm working on correcting this issue as it tend to open a self-destructive spiral.
.................... ......................... .......................

I read Castaneda today (Tales of Power, 1974). Don Juan tells little Carlito that to be sebsitive and succeptible to Knowledge he has to be achieve a Personal Completeness.

This similar to the Concept of keeping Oneness and being Centered in Daoism.

And common sense people call it Peace of Mind... Patience and Peace of Mind are the 2 sides of the coin. Once you have stillness in your mind toy own a clear viewpoint. That translates into sound judgement and ignoring of emotions in the decision making process.
> It also makes the odds of being lucky higher maybe just because you DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK.

As Lao Tzu admonishes in DaoDeJing the concept of non-action helps you achieve your goal 'effortlessly' - which means without rush or strain but waiting patiently for the parts of the puzzle to fall into place.

My Father likes repeating to me:
"Wise man said: Only fools rush in!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EURUSD Falling Wedge pattern

The Falling Wedge is deemed to be a Bullish Reversal Pattern.

Logically enough for me to enter Long position on the break with stops at the M1 pivot point at 1.3444. Target for this trade is the Channel Upper border around 1.3650.
Previous trades in USDJPY and AUDJPY were closed for small profits as the consolidations didn't tip extended corrections at the moment..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AUDJPY Short Trade

Approaching the Uptrending AUDJPY with the assumption that a Short term distribution phase is in its due course. Therefore I entered a low leveraged Short position. 

I work on the premise that Descending Trinagle consolidation is a Bearish formation with a tendence to produce a breakout on its flat side. Allowing for the mode to unfold with stops comfortably above the Trendline Resistance I target the 50 - 61.8% Fibonacci retracement area.

This is what I would call a Support convergence area -- marked by the Rising 89 hourly MA. The sustainable trend progress angle suggests that once the correction meets that cluster of support it will be a good buying opportunity for trend resumption on the Upside.

However let's leave guesswork at the doorstep. 

USDJPY Short Trade

This is a short term trade based on Hourly chart. The nice Uptrend Channel is meeting the multiday resistance Trendline from the March 05 -- High 99.67.

Playing safe with stop above that TL.

 I target a logical 50% corection of the parabolic upmove reassured of the natural inclination of price to rotate back to its mean in a given period of time -- in this case the 89 Hourly MA is a clear mark as it coincides with the 50% Fibonacci retracement target. This might take probably 2 days to play out..

Sure enough a break above 98.56 Daily High negates the correction setup.

EURUSD Running into Tight Cluster of Resistance

Global Stocks rally along with USD weakness brought EURUSD up.
However the psychological effect of the latest 'Bailout plan' might be losing steam in the end of the week. 
Charting of various geometric angles of Support & Resistance tells me that a pending second test of the 200 day MA (1.3872 now) may fail again as the parabolic upmove might lose steam in the cluster of Resistance trenlines.
I assume more Rangebound trading in the 1.3350 - 1.3750 area.

24.03.2009 - EURGBP 8H flag consolidations

looking for tradable patterns -- accumulation and distibution phases are clearly observed while the price is vibrating at an ever-changing scale

GBPUSD 4H Channels

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lost in a Dream

eu kaprikorn 08:45 GMT March 13, 2009 
martin -- should agree with you..

the pro side is very good

the lesson I have as part of the 95 crowd is that with lack of quality info and most of all Lack of consistent MM rules and patience to build a stake in a sustainable way is hard 

not sure why but seems I didn't make it since I wasn't disciplined enough to follow Money Management rules no matter how good my TA experience grew -
- in other words even my overconfidence in 'getting' the moves in the charts was actually my fault as I couldn't profit from them as most of the time I overleveraged and got out of market just to see my calls were correct...
just another story of a man who lost his wealth in chasing a dream.


just a reminder of my failure.