Friday, March 13, 2009

Lost in a Dream

eu kaprikorn 08:45 GMT March 13, 2009 
martin -- should agree with you..

the pro side is very good

the lesson I have as part of the 95 crowd is that with lack of quality info and most of all Lack of consistent MM rules and patience to build a stake in a sustainable way is hard 

not sure why but seems I didn't make it since I wasn't disciplined enough to follow Money Management rules no matter how good my TA experience grew -
- in other words even my overconfidence in 'getting' the moves in the charts was actually my fault as I couldn't profit from them as most of the time I overleveraged and got out of market just to see my calls were correct...
just another story of a man who lost his wealth in chasing a dream.


just a reminder of my failure.

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