Monday, July 7, 2008

Stock Portfolio Rebalancing - 07.07.2008

Today I rebalanced my Stock Portfolio on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia.

I dumped the old holdings of:
1. Alcomet
2. Doverie United Holding

they were both very poorly performing - the Alcomet P/E has risen above 58 and the basic materials were giving it a huge toll over earnings.
Doverie I believe is watering the stock holdings as he new shares are in the market the value has long ago disappeared.
>>> I know I was dead late for this move - worse I don't find any reason for consolation - I was reckless and overstayed bad trades

Alcomet - long average at 1760 for around ~ 9.30
liquidated ~ 6.70

Doverie - long 2000 around 10 - liquidated at 6.60-80

>>> all the freed capital is invested now in the doubled position of Eurohold - today 8888 shares.

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