Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SOFIX and BG Stock Exchange

well my secong or maybe third attempt to long the SOFIX shares proved another failure and I exited in the end of August 2008 with a 30% loss.

I tried to long CHIM /6C4 at below 7.95 - had 10 000 shares at that price and then some 2000 more in the 8.70 and 8.50 area -- unfortunately the move was weak and I even had to sell from 8.35 till 7.95 so it was a failure again.

The big stake of 8800 share in EUBG/4EH I had for a repo-credit that I bought around 5.20 I had to sell around 4.80.

FIB / 5F4 also was weak and I sold it around 5.85 but now it looks better and holds above 6...

I watch the main indices close as I'm very intereseted how the post bubble effects will affect the market.

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