Monday, July 13, 2009

13.07.2009 - A Truly Fantastic Day to Remember

*** Magic of Life unveils its illuminous beauty for me to feel the ultimate dazzlement.

I friend of mine that I have never seen in live gave me a second start and I am coming back to get down to some business. * ( :p :p ) *

--- I love the craft I studied so hard all day for the last 3 years - starting in the end of 2006 by reading GVI Pro side and later on by the mentorship of the great person and professional trader and educator AL.

>>> I started long ago in Oct 2002 to look and read int eh internet forums on Forex trading as it was the cheapest trading opportunity to start with as the minimum was $500 for a mini account.

My path started by my quest to learn Technical Analysis and in the first years I was constantly looking to understand the correlations and which forces affected the market.

Then I was operating by the illusion that there were forces who can move the market and people who definately know what and when happens and why. I was reading the news and all kind of analysis and was looking for the "holy grail" as Jay likes to describe it.

I spend money on subscribing to OilMan's signal service, then I made big losses on some pattern recognition software program offered by my broker.

It was around the end of Spring 2007 when I first started to think independently and beleive in my own analysis. Later on in the summer I read Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith and Trend Following by Michael Covel. I also read the 3 tomes of Market Wizards by Jack Schwager and especially Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

These books totally changed my perception on trading and markets. Above all I started thinking of my trading approach and I realized my way was to identify the style and system that was fit to my personality and that I trusted to generate consistent returns.

Those experiments and learning experiences - both reading and interacting with pro traders in the forum and the everyday trading enhanced my learning curve and in the Spring of 2008 I broke even over all my previous losses and started being profitable every week and month.

First my trading was purely technical using daily patterns in Yen flows and common sense technical breakouts out of consolidations and thru trend line Support and Resistance levels.

Later on thru the influence of my Dutch friend I focused on the Average Daily Ranges and started using huge leverage when the extremes in the Average Daily Ranges were touched and played for small but "sure" gains on convergence of the overextended moves out of the Average range back into it.

That reaped goood profits and my account was steadily rising until Aug 2008 when I went long at the seemingly lucrative bottom of a 300+pip drop in the British Pound. I started with 500k lot and averaged down until my whole position was 5 mio. The Range then went on to another extreme of 450+ pips and my account was wiped out.

Later on I tried around 15 times with gradually diminishing stakes to get back my losses in the period Sept 2008 - June 2009. This includes the 2 months (Oct, Nov 2008) I spent in Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province, China.

Today 13.07.2009 - a wire was sento to me from a Dutch friend who was generous enough to help me get a second start in the professional occupaion I have chosen in 2006 when I resing my career in PR and Advertising.

I am developing a rule set for my trading system - those will include:

1. System basic rules for identification of trend/range mode
2. Rules for entry and exit
3. Money management rules for betting size and modifying the risk percentage per trade in relation to the winning/losing streak (Anti-Martingale / Kelly Criterion)
4. Psychological rules - when to trade and when to have a break..

_____ ______ _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ ______ ____ _____

Apart from trading rules I get back to basic principles of balanced life with are:

> Professional occupation
> Training practice and daily meditataion
> Education and continuous Study - IPS degree finalisation > MS.F destination research
> Emotional balance


Apart from that so interesting facts...

last year once my bill form the supermarket was 6.66 BGN.

Last week I bought some thing and the bill was 7.77. On Friday I closed 2 trades and the total equity was $66.66.

Have a nice life, winner.


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