Friday, July 29, 2011

Global Macro Update: Gold - EURUSD - Euro Stoxx 50 - 10Y Bund

Trend Channel Upper line shows 1645 as a potential target. First Support lies at the 1578 previous High in confluence with the 20-Day SMA.

EURUSD is trading right on the middle ground of the recent 1.40 - 1.46 range Supported by the converging 20 & 72-Day SMAs. Downside the 200-Day SMA holds the key at the major psychological 1.4 level.

DJ Euro Stoxx 50 Index is trending down with scope of 2599 Lower Channel trendline.

10-Year German Bund is trending up amid growing economic concerns and US and EZ Periphery Debt problems. Previous High at 131 is an obvious target for the current directional move.

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