Friday, April 4, 2008

Purgatory - March 31 - April 4, 2008

I feel I've been in the Purgatory this whole week.

Fixed on my Opinion and on imaginery things to do in future I neglected the present developments.

Since March 31 till I lost the account equity yesterday in the 1 mil trade I have lost my flexibility, correct judgement and actually I lost my life to my poor EGO that clouded my mind.

The thing is that I WANTED things to happen >>> worse, I FORCED things to happen >>> went the whole length and pushed to the limit just to fail --- and the whole process was so tangible - I knew thigns would happen this way and didn't act to stop ot correct.

All the time I had my exits and good profits but failed to take them - locked myself in the DESIRE to make a huge bet and even larger profit.

MONEY ain't nothing to talk about here as they really don't matter. It's the EGO that blinds the soul and clouds the mind - it makes you act wrong and suffer the pain.

So whatever you make money or not, there is far more to life than this. It's the right balance that is so hard to achieve -- even harder to maintain.

There is no easy way!

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