Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wudangshan, Hubei Province - China - Oct 2008

Losses are hard to handle once they overwhelm you...

Just got to train a couple of months Daoist Taiji in Wudangshan - the birthplace of Zhang SanFeng Taiji.

On 24.10.2008 the day all the markets were liquidating and saw huge losses I lost my GFT account of 6000 USD.

I was again trading against the trend and my positions were way over-leveraged..

Then after the range as already 350 pips in GBPUSD who could think it would make another 300 pips more... Crazy stuff but nobody to blame for this stuff.

Trying to get back to basics and to fix the long time issues I had been putting aside while it was easy to make money just averaging out of the daily range trading..

So back to school. and back to hard training.

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