Monday, August 16, 2010

Equities, Bonds, Commodities and FX Markets Update

EUR/USD found support above 1.27 at around 38.2% Fib (1.1860 - 1.3350) and is close to the Trendline support - a close below 1.27 confirms a trend reversal.

SPY broke heavily through the Trendline support and is leaking badly to the downside with first target around 105 which contained the trend in the previous test. A break lower would show high risk of making new lows and possibly reverting to new bear market.

TLT - Bond markets are creeping higher in a mighty trend style while long term yields are depressed and deflationary pressure is rising - FED's move into Quantitative Easing 2.0 is definitely in progress but seems there will be more pain until Inflationary theme kicks in - possibly 6 to 9 months if the first stimulus campaign and its results from March 2009 could be any guide.

GLD - Gold is trending higher again after the correction in July. We need to see 120 broken for a test of the all time highs. There are plenty of rumors and research on gold manipulation and price suppression however until deflationary pressure is cooled off I assume it's pretty normal for Gold to correct its price. On the other side John Paulson and David Einhorn which are high level hedge fund professionals have large allocations in GLD and physical Gold so I keep na eye on the trend strength.

Copper has been bullish despite the stock corrections. Its chart seems like a large swing graphic of the economic tides and its over sensitivity to the industrial activity. I expect it to go down until we have new stimulus measures from the global governments as it seems the first stage of the stimuli-induced growth is already losing strength and austerity measures are not of great help.

Crude Oil is near support as ween from the trend channel - I would expect however to see it lower as inflationary pressures are pretty far away and economic growth is not on the main list for the time being.

VXX the short term VIX fund is basing and creeping higher as stocks decline and markets are going back i to Risk OFF modus operandi. I expect VXX to rally along with the Bond market and the SPY decline since September is usually a pretty volatile month and it's time to shake off the complacency of the markets that has been ruling as of late.

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