Thursday, June 26, 2008

25.06.2008 - EURJPY 2.3 mio short trade

>>> What a day today - we had a historical High in EURJPY at ~ 169.49
Somehow I feel those old tricks now seem a bit plain to be fooled.
Anyway I had like 10 exhausting hours of waiting until EURJPY grinded down and finally it just broke --> then I covered the short.
I was originally short ~ 169.15 but also added 169.30 lower highs - there I saw confirmation that was weak trend so I added 169.10 - last add was 168.81 where the action was still not so strong but whenit broke 168.50 I was sure and just waited for 168.28 to cover.
Today US Stox broke the recent bottoms badly and it was evident that we see a liquidation in carry trades. But now in hindsight it is easy to say..
A word of caution to myself:
"Dude, why the fuck did you forget to put a stop to that stupid Gold trade, you silly punk!!!"
I know it is useless to point this after the fact but it is absolutely important that I put a stop at every single trade and start with only a mild leverage until I gather enough conviction and have a profit in the trade until I start to commit more!!
Today besides my perfect trade in EURJPY and the previous short in AUDJPY which I closed way too early I LOST and actually HAVE A NEGATIVE BALANCE in my other account which I have to cover now!!!
All just because I entered a stupid Short gold trade without any conviction and didn't pay enough attention - but above all because I just carelessly left it without stop!
You silly boy!! Never do that again!!

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