Friday, June 20, 2008

Trend trade - 06.06.2008

>> following a tight consolidation I expected a very powerful trend to emerge so I fully leveraged my adversely damaged equity starting with a 100k position near 1.54 and once the trend broke out I was adding to reach a full position of 200k till it reached 1.55..
I rode the trend till 1.56 where I was scared and shaken off the trade location as I closed the position just before the NFP a bit below 1.56...
Data came in worse than expected but then it was all clearly reflected in the charts and I take it as a very important lesson to not let myself get pushed out of a great trade location.
I had before the data 20k position that I closed at 1.5660 and watched the trend reach the high above 1.58..
Pretty good lesson to belearned!

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