Tuesday, December 29, 2009

USD/CAD - Possible Breakout fo the 350 Range on Dailies

I'm looking for a breakdown of the 1.04 floor tested in November and December - with first target 1.0220 /the October Lows/.

The Daily chart has all he MAs and the whole pattern coiling in a tight 350 pip range and I'm suggesting at some point it will produce a meaningful trend as CAD is known for a good trending vehicle.

Usually the first test out of the is a fake one /tnx to Gary Savage for this one/ and I'm working with the assumption that the 1.0745 high was the first test out of the coiling range - so now I'm looking for the 1.04 Support to give way.

Looking the reactive moves in EUR/USD & GBP/USD off the recent lows I'm very close to calling the new USD selling wave has just begun an early positioning for the New 2010 Year.


  1. kire pozdravlenia,mnogo sqm dovolen ot tvoito tvorcestvo.ragazi

  2. ciao ragazi! molto grazie, amico mio!