Thursday, October 4, 2007


Anxiety is not good. Sounds silly but it is a fact that must be dealy with.

Dealing with anxiety is dealing with yourself and your emotions. Anxiety is pushing you to the limit and once you feel on the edge it's all going wrong. Anxiety makes you impatient and brings forth the desire to make things fast, to achive what you think is necessary.

But in the end what is that important that it always makes you want more? Is it the GREED in you? Why you just can't have enough of what you already have? Why want more?

I believe that it will be only then when you actually want none that you will be able to value what you already have and things will start working cuz right now the pressure I exert on myself is making things very tense...

Once anxiety and impatience are lost and left behind then the calm will regain ground and the natural ruthm will be ruling over. One must not fight but go with the flow as it is the natural way of life.

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