Thursday, October 4, 2007


Rules are important for dealing with emotions.

As we stressed hard on the need to strip away Impatience and Anxiety this can be achived through a set of rules that will construct a certain framework - a psychological structure of rules to abide by.

Let's take a simple rule of trading only 1 to 3 lots per position.

Say you enter 3 lots - if it goes your way -> Take profit on first 1 lot at the first 20 pips / Set a SL on the remainder at Entry -> Take profit on the 2nd lot at the next 10 pips & leave the last lot to run its course.

I figure this way it will be much wiser than watching every minute the position and getting scared on every spike.

LEVERAGE is actually the Paramaount issue to deal with as it's actually the Measure of one's GREED/IMPATIENCE...

> Remember -> Rome was not built in 1 day!

Tight leverage rules will constrain you from large gains, BUT it will save you from blowing the account in 2 trades! At the end it's a game of Survival.... and it's not funny to feed them brokers all those years....

At the end it's a mind game since I figure it out quite clearly all those years I been blowing the account every time cuz I was Impatient and wanted to do it alright in 1 day... and if I had a greatday I thougth next will be just as great and possibly everyday a true holiday.

However you see everyday poses a challenge -- a true challenge for yourself and your mentality - it makes you face yourself and once you see you make mistakes one after the other you are quite clearly exposed to the HARD FACT of being unable to retain a sustainable pattern of following the Natural rythm of life.

Just tell me how many times a day one can seize himself into an obsessive thought bound with achiveing a certain goal or aquiring a certain subject of desire.... Thus it all makes you feel Impatient - you exert tension upon yourself.

A friend reminded me the Chinese proverb about Attainment:
"Slowly, Gradually and Naturally!"

Please take a good note of all these things and next time you load your accounts follow the rules and be patient!

Once you start Not wanting it will be open to success - only then when all HOPE is gone will the real process get started... It's the Daoist idea of Non-Doing in its most natural way cuz whethter its Trading or any other practice or part of life - there are Fundamental laws of Nature that rule and one have to abide by. That's the natural way and you can't change it nor fight it - Just follow it.

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