Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sustainable Results

Sustainable results --- what is key to achieve Sustainable progress in the Long Term?

I believe there are several factors that affect our daily performance and also the long term outcome of our operations - no matter which sphere of human activity we are talking about:

1. Patience

2. Attention to detail

3. Intent / Effort

4. Visualise the successful outcome / Believe in your ability to succeed

5. Constant desire to improve the skills, knowledge and experience


Then there is other thing that will always come into your way - this is the basic natural cycle. Life is not a straight line -- so are the markets as they are a basic representation of Human Emotions - Greed & Fear.

Once you have a big gain - one has to retreat and remain calm, not go for even more as the odds are starting to go against him. On the other hand - every loss improves the possibility that next trade willbe profitable...

However the Fundamental Truth that rules life, nature and markets is BALANCE.

One has always to seek balance. Meditation helps to get over the periods when things don't turn in your own direction --- but you need to calm the mind also when you are on the winning track cuz the excess in Emotions - either positive or negative will always ruin the Balance and thus will bring down the Long Term foundation of Sustainablility.

Basically it's not new and nothing really clever is written here - it is just a reminder of all the things I have been thinking and discovering time over time -- just a mark in time of what I beleive today and how I think things can be done better.

Everyday and every moment is a fight for balance -- one can never really rest on his prior success because life and nature (and markets as a pure representation of life cycles) move constantly... SO yo have to move with the flow. This calls for constant effort, intent and attention.

As Vladimir (my Taijiquan teacher) says our own body is flowing but our mind can't identify this flow (the body is a complex structure of atoms and molecules that are in constant movement). Even if are standing still we just don't have the proper ability, the subtle sensitivity to feel the movement inside - and also to be calm, unperturbed and still in the movement.

This is the TaiJi principle in its true representation: The opposites attract each other - everything has both opposites in its foundation.

We just have to improve ourselves and discern the natural cycle - act in accordance with the prevailing trend and never fight the flow.

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